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Getaway Abroad to Hong Kong

Three months ago, I landed home. However, I spent almost one month in quarantine. After multiple hurdles at border control and regular health checkups to bypass, I realised freedom was a luxury. This freedom cost me a great amount. From expensive Covid-19 testing services in the United Kingdom to my 21-day hotel fees in Hong…

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Getaway: Home or Abroad?

Abroad The moment of excitement when I looked down from the aircraft to the Lego-sized Hong Kong was hard to forget. Up in the wisps of clouds and pivoting above familiar landscapes, I was buzzing with anticipation. 10 months – it had been 10 months since I’d stepped foot in Hong Kong. I’d made it…


A very student Christmas

First year students seem to rush home over the holiday but the urgency of going home might still change for second and third year’s, this being dependant on their living situation and housemates. Second year English Literature student Ana Christodoulou, says: “I usually go home straight away, but this year I am planning on hanging…

Creative Writing

Wretched Creatures

You must understand, I had lived a life of unspeakable shame. Nothing I tell you will make sense unless you understand this. Otherwise how could you believe, for instance, that my own reflection could climb out of a pool of glacial meltwater and greet me?  I say she greeted me, but all she really did…

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Bake Off is now background noise

‘The Great British Bake Off’ is a national treasure, and has been since its birth on the BBC with everyone’s favourite, Mary Berry. However, since the show has transferred over to Channel 4, viewers have become divided about what the show has become. ‘Bake Off’ used to be an endearing, feel good show, which made…

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