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Altered States: Love without Limits

Louis Theroux describes polyamory as ‘the practice of pursuing multiple romantic relationships with the consent of all those involved.’ Also known as ethical non-monogamy, polyamory is a relationship lifestyle that seems to be on the rise. Even here at UEA, I know a number of people involving themselves in the polyamorous world or even what…


India’s Supreme Court decriminalises gay sex

“History owes the LGBT community an apology for their sufferings,” said Judge Indhu Maholta, after India overturned a ruling that criminalised gay sex.   Section 377 was a part of the Indian Penal Code, which had been introduced by the British in 1861. It legally banned sexual activity between two men. Section 377 still remains…


The impact of the hunt for the ‘gay gene’ on LGBT+ rights

Sexual orientation is a widely debated topic throughout all cultures and nationalities around the world. Many people have strong opinions regarding their own views on it. Here in the UK, homosexuality is accepted by most people and is often a celebrated part of society. Most people have friends that are gay or know of people…


Robbie Rogers: breaking boundaries

The lack of openly gay footballers is a pressing issue that the sport seeks to address. Some have taken the decision to come out after their careers have reached an end, including former Aston Villa, Everton and West Ham midfielder Thomas Hitzlsperger, who became the first ex-Premier League player to do so when he revealed…


Dan Struthers looks at the gay scene in Westeros

“Incest, beheading, attempted child murder, more incest…and that’s just the first episode!” Honest Trailers summarises why we are all obsessed with Game of Thrones. Equally, it’s for the above reasons that you would never watch an episode of George R. R. Martin’s epic fantasy drama with your mum. From the intimate scenes between brother and…

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