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China and Russia to join UN Human Rights Council

China and Russia have both been re-elected for another three-year term to the UN Human Rights council. China ran against five other nominations in the Asia-Pacific region and whilst votes for the country were significantly down from the previous election in 2016, Beijing maintained its seat. Russia ran unopposed for the seat in the Eastern…


Offshoring is utterly inhumane

‘Offshoring’ – not a term I am fond of. To be found with ‘offloading’, ‘offcasting’, ‘offending’.  ‘Offshoring’. In terms of business, defined as relocating processes or services overseas and taking advantage of lower costs to improve competitiveness. ‘Offshoring’: an idea being considered by the UK government in an inhumane attempt to fix the asylum system….


Is the EU ignoring human rights abuses in Libya?

A shocking report produced by Amnesty International has revealed brutal human rights abuses against Libyan refugees. Various interviews conducted by the organisation detail harrowing accounts of rape, torture, unlawful killings, and enforced disappearances. It is believed European Union policies are partially to blame for the humanitarian emergency. Libya is in crisis. The country is currently…


China’s crimes against the Uighur population

Desperate cries haunt the international community as the Uighur population plea for aid against alleged human rights abuses in China. “We just need hope”, Jevlan Shirmemmet, whose mother has been arrested for “supporting terrorism”, tells Sky News. “My mother… our family members [are] now in hell. Not in prison… [it] is hell”. China has been…


“We had to jump in the river so the shots didn’t reach us… they were shooting to kill”

Protests have submerged the Chilean capital of Santiago in the most deadly outbreak of violence since the dictatorial regime of Augusto Pinochet.  In recent weeks many have accused the Chilean police and military of using excessive force on those taking part in the protests. One graduate in Santiago, who wishes to remain anonymous for their…


Australia to re-open detention centre

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison issued a statement to say he will re-open the asylum seeker detention centre on Christmas Island. This facility processes asylum seekers aiming to enter the country, but is widely criticised by human rights groups who say that these people are effectively imprisoned. The detention centre was closed in late 2018,…


“Poppies shouldn’t be politicised”

UEA is wonderful in so many ways. We welcome people regardless of race, gender, sexuality, and other social identities. We have a campus that’s generally safe and happy. We have iconic architecture, and a plethora of bunnies roam freely around. I love UEA. I also love the SU. They’re often a great source for provocative…


Nobel Peace Prize awarded to pair fighting sexual violence

The 2018 Nobel Peace prize has been awarded to two laureates who have been fighting against war crimes involving sexual violence and abuse. Nadia Murad and Denis Mukege have been fighting against the use of sexual violence as a weapon of war. Commenting on the award, Berit Reiss-Andersen, chair of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, said…

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