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My Favourite Horror: ‘IT’ (2017)

Now, prior to 2015 the scariest thing I saw was the final Hunger Games film. (very embarrassing, I know) I am very much a scaredy cat. Over the past 4 years I have been delving into horror with my hands over my eyes. It wasn’t until 2017 that I found perhaps my favorite horror to…


Review: Stacy at London’s Etcetera Theatre

Inkwell Productions set up by UEA students Seàn Bennett and Keelan Swift-Stalley with their friend Ruby Lambert, staged Jack Thorne’s Stacy, at Etcetera Theatre, London. Ned Caderni and Caoimhe Blair both made their debuts, in producing and directing respectively. The one-man play follows Rob, played by Peter Hardingham. In his twenties and working as a…


Coming to America: The weather outside is frightful

I’ve been watching a lot of Gavin & Stacey at the moment. Firstly because it’s absolutely one of the best British comedies to have ever been made. Second of all, because it reminds me of home. I’ve been called a ‘Pam’ more than once. America is great (not to be confused with make great again)…


Women in comedy

After Pitch Perfect actress Rebel Wilson claimed that her size is a benefit to her comedy because it’s not fun to laugh at more slim and attractive women, we have been left wondering whether this is a real and unspoken issue in our society. Wilson not only commented that being bigger is an asset, but…

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Broad City

Broad City, starring Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson, is a relatively new web-series adaptation that works off a brand of comedy which typically excludes women. Stoner, slacker comedies – the likes of That 70s Show and Workaholics, and movies like The Hangover – usually feature men in their twenties struggling with adult responsibilities, skipping work,…

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An animation too far?

When announced earlier this year, The Simpsons/Family Guy crossover was met with one of two reactions: excitement or raised eyebrows. The long-awaited trailer dropped earlier this week, and the conversational tone hasn’t changed. Some hail it as a sure fire hit, and some feel that it harms the brand of both programmes. Technically a one-hour…

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Review: Monty Python Live (mostly)

And now for something completely different. Or rather, something exactly the same. After ten shows at the O2 in London, Sunday night was the final time Monty Python will perform together. If you couldn’t afford a ticket because you don’t have a money tree in your garden, you could see it broadcast live in a…

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