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Colour-blind vs colour-conscious casting on TV

Embracing inclusive casting means that we can finally target the inequalities of opportunity for marginalised groups within the television industry, whilst increasing the diversity of representation we see on our screens. It’s an important method for preventing the whitewashing and straight washing of characters. It provides actors from the LGBTQ+ community, and actors with disabilities,…


My Big Fat Rixo Wedding (or not)

It was not a shock to me in the slightest that luxury fashion brand Rixo had come under fire for their supposedly ‘inclusive’ bridal collection, available in sizes 6-16. I doubt it would be a shock to any other plus size person reading this, come to that. The fashion industry has repeatedly made it clear…


Inclusivity in the Business of Fashion

On the night of September 30, the Business of Fashion (BoF) gathered the most elite names in the fashion industry for a night of inclusivity and diversity. Set in Paris’s exquisite Hôtel de Ville, the publication’s 500 banquet discussed the importance of diversity and how it should be prioritized in fashion. However, some guests have called out BoF of…


Future of the runway: Fenty vs Victoria Secret

The basics are all there – a fashion show with a little bit more: live performances, theatrical looks, a focus on the female body as a part of the spectacle and charismatic models who make the show that little bit more special. Seeing beautiful people parade around in something as intimate as underwear for all…


Tarte’s limited shade range

For a long time, racism has made its way into every possible aspect of society, and the makeup industry is no stranger to it. The idea that the purpose of makeup is to appear fair skinned and conventionally beautiful has been ingrained into almost everyone’s thoughts. Although there has been significant progress in eradicating this…


LGBTQ artists in music

I remember the moment I first heard Christian Holden, the non-binary singer and bassist of Massachusetts emos The Hotelier, screaming ‘I felt weak in woman’s wear, genderfucked dilated stuck holding a stare’ in the song Life In Drag; the visceral anger behind it, the feeling of being lost and alone in a world that still…

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