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Social media: “an alternate and enhanced reality”

Yes, I’m afraid this is an article bashing millennial culture, and this time it’s coming from one of your own instead of a middle-aged white man who thinks Instagram is worse than purgatory. I’m a traitor. Despite my reluctance to side with people belittling our generation’s digital presence, social culture and political activism, or the…

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The Blonde Salad

Chiara Ferragni, or The Blonde Salad, is an Italian blogger, model and designer. With a current following of over 5.3m on Instagram and 416,379 subscribers on her blog, the 28 year old has taken the world by storm. After beginning her blog The Blonde Salad in 2009, Ferragni has achieved numerous notable titles, including ‘Blogger…

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Pop Showdown – One Direction vs Bieber

If you’ve been on social media at all in the last month, you’re likely aware of the album releases from two of pop music’s biggest artists. 13th November is a big day for Justin Bieber and One Direction, as they both attempt to experiment with new sounds in the hopes of garnering fresh audiences and…


The rise of the InstaTraveller

Instagram has become huge over the last couple of years, with people even managing to fund their travels from discreet, and sometimes not so discreet, advertising on their pages. Those of us who love Instagram will all follow people that live these seemingly amazing lives, constantly travelling from one incredible destination to another. Posting an…


Instagram vs reality

It is often difficult for world-famous cities to live up to expectations, and for an Instagram favourite like Paris this is particularly true. The city’s beautiful monuments and museums are cluttered with tourists. Paris’ promise to be the city of light, romance and beauty appears impossible to deliver, as the city is crushed by the…

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