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UK Universities fear coronavirus impact

UK universities fear that the coronavirus impact on international students studying in the UK will have a dire impact on the level of funding universities have. According to the Institute for Fiscal Studies, International Students represent one-third of all tuition, and with an estimated 50-100% drop in international student attendance, that would create a sizable…


Dealing with the “red tape”

If you look to the university world rankings, the UK dominates 40 percent of the top ten. It is therefore no surprise that we are the second biggest home of international students (beaten only by the USA) and that, for some, the news of competition brings concern. Whether jealousy, genuine economic worry, or good old…


An exchange student’s experience of UEA

As an MA student in German and English Studies, a semester abroad in an English-speaking country was the perfect excuse to get out of my routine in Switzerland and enjoy the Erasmus experience again. After four years of studies, one of which was spent abroad in Germany, I decided that I was going to choose…


Caught between cultures

It’s a strange situation I find myself in, not really fitting in anywhere completely. I know how sad that sounds but I’m not particularly miffed about it. It’s comparable to being a third-culture kid. You’re a part of many different cultures but don’t truly fit in one entirely. Whilst I was born and raised in…


Pressure on May over international student stats

Prime Minister Theresa May has been encouraged to exclude international students from government immigration figures by several high profile Conservative MPs. Although the Prime Minister is resolute in leaving the system unchanged, it is likely that this spring she will come under pressure when MPs put forward an amendment to the current immigration bill. High-profiled…

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Students criticise May’s immigration policy

Prime Minister Theresa May’s announcement that the Conservative Party intends to reduce net migration to below 100,000 per year has been called unfair by international students. The target is included under an array of plans which are focused on creating “A country that comes together.” The manifesto explicitly states that “overseas students will remain in…


UEA Vice-Chancellor speaks out on Trump’s travel ban

UEA Vice-Chancellor, Professor David Richardson, has spoken out against President Trump’s executive order on immigration into the United States. The statement, published on the UEA website, begins: “Many of you will have been alarmed by this weekend’s news of the travel restrictions to the USA ordered by President Donald Trump.” The Vice-Chancellor added: “it is deeply troubling…

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