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Researchers have found a way to lengthen your phone battery

Research at UEA has found a possible solution to short mobile battery life, overheating handsets and expensive contracts. Dr Alexander Romanov and Professor Manfred Bochmann have identified molecules found in gold that increase efficiency in mobile phone screens. The traditionally used iridium produces extra heat, however properties in gold allow for the energy to be…


Apps to map your trip

Travel companies give advice and provide inspiration for planning a holiday. However, which ones can we rely upon? Recently, a number of new travel startups have been created. This could be due to the influx of blogging and travel content on social media, Instagram being a prime example. For students looking to travel, budget and…


Social Media Switch Off

De Montfort University in Leicester, in an attempt to encourage students to carry out a digital detox, switched off all social media for a few days. The main purpose of this is to promote student wellbeing by highlighting the detrimental effects that social media can potentially have on one’s mental health. In the digital age…

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An iPhantastic Device

The dust has settled on what is quite possibly the most anticipated mobile device of 2015. The question is whether or not the iPhone 6s lives up to its expectations as a market leader and if it truly is worth breaking your student bank accounts to upgrade from your current phone. Aesthetically speaking, the iPhone…


iOS Over!

Recent reports are suggesting that Apple is aiming to shutter production of its ‘budget- level’ iPhone 5C. Released alongside the iPhone 5S last year, it was the lowest priced iPhone ever made, and many suggested Apple was looking to expand beyond the premium smartphone market they had all but cornered. If the reports are true,…

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