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“I can’t get back to see [my family]… if I return I will be executed”: an interview with Iranian journalist Babak Taghvaee

It has been nine years since Iranian military aviation journalist Babak Taghvaee was arrested in his home country, accused of being a spy for a range of intelligence services. Forced to flee his native Iran and leave behind his beloved family, Babak has since lived a life many of us could not imagine. Babak’s career…

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Iran’s Top Nuclear Scientist Assassinated

Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, Iran’s top nuclear scientist, has been assassinated near Tehran, the country’s capital. The attack, which took place on Friday, severely injured Mr Fakhrizdeh, who later died in hospital.  Iran’s defence ministry described the events in a statement released shortly after Mohsen Fakhrizdeh’s death: “Armed terrorists targeted a vehicle carrying Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, head of…


Vice President of Iran diagnosed with coronavirus

 Among the many countries affected by the coronavirus, Iran has been one of the worst-hit. Last week it had been confirmed that several officials, including the Vice-President for Women’s Affairs, Masoumeh Ebtekar, and Deputy Health Minister of Iran, Iraj Harirchi, had contracted the disease. A widespread video of Deputy Health Minister, Iraj Harirchi, shows him…


Confusion over black boxes in Iran

Iranian forces recently admitted to ‘unintentionally’ shooting down a Ukraine International Airlines flight from Tehran, killing all 179 passengers. But still, few are aware of the exact location of the aircraft’s black box, causing fresh concern. Canadian President Justin Trudeau has promised ‘justice’ for the victim’s families, insisting the black box be sent to France,…


Iran: protests threaten status quo

On 28 December protests began across Iranian cities, with crowds chanting varied slogans expressing their frustration, both political and economic. Some cities saw explicitly anti-government chants, such as “bring back Reza Shah”, a cry for the return of Iran’s deposed monarchy, whereas others saw anger at Iran’s foreign involvement, with the line “not Gaza, not…


Iran: Trump threatens nuclear deal

In a move that has caused a major rift between the US and its global allies, President Trump has refused to certify the Iran Deal. Negotiated by his predecessor Barrack Obama and major world powers, the deal was made in 2015 to prevent Iran developing nuclear capabilities. The permanent members of the United Nations including…

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