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“Iraq had been decimated… I really felt for the people”: an interview with former United Nations Weapons Inspector Mike Barley

Zoom seems an unlikely place to be conducting an interview with a former United Nations Weapons Inspector, and further still to be discussing his tours in Iraq in search of Weapons of Mass Destruction. Yet here we are. Former United Nations (UN) Weapons Inspector Mike Barley was seconded to Iraq three times in 1996-7 at…


Deadly protests continue in Iraq

Breaking out on the 1st October 2019, Iraq has been subject to the deadliest string of protests since 2003 and the capture of Saddam Hussein. Over 110 citizens have been killed and thousands more have been injured. The government authorities have been attempting to contain the news from reaching international media by implementing a near…


Examined: Kurdish independence in Iraq

In a controversial referendum, 92 percent of voters in the Kurdish region of Northern Iraq chose independence, angering neighbouring countries and the federal Iraqi government. In July 2014, with the Islamic State expanding, Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) President Massoud Barzani announced plans to hold an independence referendum without approval from the Iraqi parliament. Negotiations between…


An appetite for destruction: Islamic State and the art of the ancient world

Dan Cruickshank’s BBC4 documentary, Civilization under Attack, was thought-provoking, considered, informative, but above all devastatingly moving. When you see Islamic State militants taking sledge-hammers, drills and explosives to the works of art in Iraqi and Syrian museums and historical heritage sites, all you can do is cry. The area was indeed a ‘cradle of civilizations’,…


Russell Brand, Tony Blair and the Iraq War inquiry

Russell Brand revels in shining his spotlight on corrupt politicians. Recently he devoted an episode of his YouTube channel, The Trews, to Tony Blair and the Iraq War Inquiry entitled “Tony Blair Not In Jail? I Literally Don’t Understand”. Brushing over Brand’s cheap shots at Blair’s gesticulation and ad hominem arguments contrived purely for laughs,…


No silent nights in Iraq

The US-led coalition took on its ‘advisory’ role against the Islamic State (Isis) in July. As we enter December, the total number of airstrikes against militants has passed 1,000, with an estimated 2,000 militants killed and a tenth of that again in civilian losses. Yet despite the “heavy toll” that, according to US Secretary of…

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