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Indie-punk: big things on small stages

Recently, there has been a wave of new guitar bands erupting out of various crevices across the UK and Ireland. I am not referring to a particular 80s rip-off pop-group, or one of the many gloss-rock bands, who, by the way, are the hottest band right now and are coming to your local tent/shack/cupboard/bedsit. Instead,…

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Stopping Brexit will solve the Irish border problem

For over two hundred years, the ‘Irish Question’ has dominated British politics. Between Westminster eliminating the Irish parliament and establishing full control in 1800 to the Good Friday agreement in 1998, there’s been almost constant strife. The Troubles rocked all of the British Isles and when the aforementioned Good Friday agreement was signed, allowing a…


Historic abortion poll in Ireland

In less than a month’s time, voters in the Republic of Ireland will vote in a historic referendum on the future of the country’s stance on reproductive rights. On 25 May, Irish citizens will decide whether or not to repeal part of their constitution, the Eighth Amendment, which outlaws abortion, even in cases of rape…


Border impasse for Brexit talks

Some of those living alongside the Irish border “go to bed in Northern Ireland and have their breakfast in the Republic of Ireland,” one resident living near the land boundary told Sky News earlier this week. This is, in part, why the discussions between the Irish and UK governments over the fate of the border…

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