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Women in Science panel

The second week of Norwich Science Festival saw an all-woman panel take to the stage to discuss their personal journeys into STEMM careers. Guests Angela Saini, Chelsea Slater, Dr Ozak Esu and Dr Suze Kundu joined Laura Bowater, Professor of Microbiology of UEA, each giving a brief account of their experience in the STEMM world,…

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UEA academics’ opposing letters on ‘toxic’ trans debate

Several academics at UEA have expressed concerns over the ‘pain and distress’ felt by members of its trans community, following the publication of opposing letters to The Guardian. The letters raised concerns about the manner in which accusations of transphobia are weaponised to prevent academic research. The initial letter, titled ‘Academics are being harassed over…


Nobel Peace Prize awarded to pair fighting sexual violence

The 2018 Nobel Peace prize has been awarded to two laureates who have been fighting against war crimes involving sexual violence and abuse. Nadia Murad and Denis Mukege have been fighting against the use of sexual violence as a weapon of war. Commenting on the award, Berit Reiss-Andersen, chair of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, said…


‘Dangerous undercurrents’ threaten global economy, IMF warns

The International Monetary Fund has warned of growing ‘dangerous undercurrents’ that threaten the world economy. In its biannual Financial Stability Report, the IMF provided an in-depth look into markets and the banking sector a decade on from the Global Financial Crisis. Although the US-based organisation concluded banks are now safer than in 2008, governments should…


Forget Brexit, Denmark is next

A recent survey by Friends of Europe said 64 percent of Europeans aren’t convinced life would be worse without the EU. Coming in the wake of Brexit, it’s interesting to wonder if more and more countries will leave the EU. Will Sweden become SweDONE? Will France be saying AdiEU? Apologies, and I think not. The…

Black History Month Special

Decolonising the curriculum

Whether in Comment, News or Features, Concrete has repeatedly returned to the discussion of decolonising the curriculum. As Black History Month reignites the conversation once more, despite being in agreement that things should change, it’s questionable whether anything actually has. We can maintain thoughtful, intelligent conversation, but how long will it remain just that: just…


PVC trees giving coral reefs ‘a fighting chance’

The World Resources Institute predicts that 90% of coral reefs will be threatened by 2050, but a fast-growing scheme in Florida is now leading the fight against this decline. Based in Key Largo, the Coral Restoration Foundation spearheads a global network that aims to restore reefs worldwide by creating coral nurseries. These farming operations consist…

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