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If you’re fascinated by all aspects of modern and traditional Japanese culture – from the bustling cities and picturesque countryside, the decadent cuisine and beautiful architecture, and the exuberant world of the performing arts to the quirky contemporary fashion scene – but you haven’t yet experienced the magnificent culture for yourself, these translated texts might…


Ikigai: Life in the Little Things

Ono Jiro had not always been like this. Many years later, as he served the forty-fourth President of the United States in a restaurant only large enough for ten tables, he would remember those distant afternoons where he gained the secret of transforming fish into art.  It was the consequence of punishment. Often described as…


A Tumultuous Time for Tokyo Olympics

The postponed Tokyo Olympics were never going to run smoothly during a global pandemic, Olympics rarely ever do. The times we live in are unprecedented but, in the past few weeks, various Olympic governing bodies have created controversies which are set to overshadow the much-anticipated games. Fina, the governing body for Olympic water sports events,…


You need to listen to LONG SEASON

LONG SEASON is an album and the name of its only track, produced by the Japanese dub group Fishmans in 1996. It’s the spiritual successor to their ’96 single, ‘SEASON’, which is similar in tone but not in ambition. LONG SEASON is a well-known piece among indie circles and online music forums, and certainly Fishmans’…


What’s on my travel bucket list?

There’s something about exploring new places and adventures that have always appealed to me. The thrill of being on the road and arriving in a foreign place is addicting, if I must say. Like most people, I have a mental list of dream destinations that I must visit one day. But I also find it…


The Concrete Bucket List

Ever since I was a child, seeing the Northern Lights has been at the top of my bucket list. There is just something about the crackling noise and the vivid colours dancing across the night sky that promises magic and mystery in our otherwise mundane world. Since I hate being cold, what better place to…

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