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The Concrete Bucket List

Ever since I was a child, seeing the Northern Lights has been at the top of my bucket list. There is just something about the crackling noise and the vivid colours dancing across the night sky that promises magic and mystery in our otherwise mundane world. Since I hate being cold, what better place to…


Akihito’s unprecedented abdication

Emperor Akihito, ruler of Japan since 1989, has abdicated and handed rule to his son, Naruhito. It is the first time a Japanese emperor has taken this action and did so because of old age. He succeeded his father Hirohito, emperor during World War II, and has been a committed pacifist, despite economic stagnation and…


Travel Vlogging

Perhaps one of the biggest trends today is vlogging; a mix of the words ‘blog’ and ‘video’. With the immense popularity of social media (especially YouTube), there are millions of vloggers across the world. It’s a way for someone to share their life with their audience as well as create memories. A popular type of vlog is the…

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