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‘The Dutch have turned Brexit on its head to give Britain the finger’ Perhaps can use cartoon as photo for this, if you’d like – it’s in the Comment 362 folder.

When we hear the word we all dread, Brexit, rarely does the image of a fluffy, blue, cute looking monster, come to mind. Yet the Dutch have created such a creature as a mascot for their campaign to aid businesses in preparing for Brexit. The Dutch foreign minister, Stef Blok, posted a picture of the…


The government’s handling of industrial relations

The junior doctors held their fourth strike on Wednesday 6th April of in protest to the Conservative government, who are extending the doctors’ working week to include Saturday’s and overseeing a ‘top down’ reorganisation of the NHS. Furthermore, The British Medical Association has announced there will be a “full withdrawal of labour between the hours…


The absurdity of Jeremy Hunt’s “cultural signal”

In spite of criticism of the cuts being made to Working Tax Credits (WTCs), Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has defended the Conservative Welfare Bill, labelling the cuts as “a very important cultural signal”. He went on to compare the British economy with the Chinese economy, stating: “My wife is Chinese, and if we want this…