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The Philosophy of… Christmas adverts

Why does a two to three minute-long advert with a heart-warming story behind it cause so much anticipation and emotion around Christmas? Whether it is John Lewis or Sainsbury’s or Coca-Cola, the UK eagerly wait in anticipation for that weekend in mid-November where these big companies release a special Christmas advert. This year we’ve seen…


Iceland Christmas advert: too political or too pertinent?

Iceland has launched a Christmas advert campaign to raise awareness for deforestation. The narration is by Emma Thompson, in collaboration with Greenpeace. However Clearcast, the NGO that decides which ads to approve, banned it because it was “too political”, according to the 2003 Communications Act. It shows an animation of an orangutan in a girl’s…


The finance round-up

Co-Op to be investigated Co-Op will be investigated for its treatment of its suppliers, following accusations from the Groceries Code Adjudicator that it had fallen short of industry standards. The Co-Op has already paid around 110 suppliers a total of £500,000 to try and make amends. It has been accused of charging suppliers for product…


Christmas adverts

Amidst the slew of adverts that have bombarded our small screen in the build up to Christmas, Roo Pitt and Emma Kurton have taken it among themselves to review them and give us a rundown of their all time favourites… John Lewis John Lewis is well known for its beautiful and heartwarming Christmas television adverts,…

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