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Black Panther shows its claws

As the last instalment before the heavily anticipated Infinity War, Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther must walk the line between building the excitement to the aforementioned climax of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It must also provide a satisfying standalone story for a character introduced in a movie that wasn’t his own, and continue Marvel’s current trend…


Gramm-atic events

Established by The Recording Company as a means of celebrating the previous twelve months of both national and international music, the Grammys have ultimately become a way for major label executives to maintain the marketability of our contemporary pop stars. The awards seem to not only encourage the corporatisation of pop music, but play a…

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Top 35 Albums of 2015

2015. The year Benjamin Clementine scooped the Mercury Prize, we all became ‘Beliebers’ and, most importantly, the year in which the album format proved it won’t go the way of the Dodo as so many predicted at the start of the digital age. Adele smashed sales records, the vinyl revival goes from strength to strength…

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