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Clive Lewis joins Labour leadership race

Norwich South MP Clive Lewis has joined the race to become the next Labour leader. Lewis, the shadow Treasury minister is the second MP to announce they are throwing their hat in the ring, joining Shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry. Jeremy Corbyn, currently the leader of the opposition, announced he would not be leading the party…


Election Special: what the Norwich South candidates are saying

Brexit Party: Alexander Gilchrist “I’m in it to win it here” “More proportional representation is required” To Alexander Gilchrist, “what the Brexit Party stands for is democracy and rights.” He says it embodies a range of “various different political spectrums,” referencing his own experiences of being “on marches at Burston with Jeremy Corbyn” as an…


Brexit Box

With another couple of weeks since Concrete gave you your last update on Britain’s exit from the European Union (Brexit), scheduled for 29 March 2019, it’s time to give you a summary of all the latest news. The EU’s summit in Salzburg, Austria, has appeared to drive a wedge between the UK and the EU….


Labour anti-Semitism

The current political battleground in Britain looks almost unrecognizable to what we have grown used to over the past few decades. Brexit has become the most decisive political conversation of our times, and it’s creating an interesting scenario for Britain’s two major parties. Internal faction wars in the Conservative party over its handling of Brexit…


Deselection, deselection, deselection

Recently, the Labour Party’s governing body, the National Executive Committee (NEC) has elected 3 new members. In those elections, the more left-wing, momentum backed candidates won all 3 places, by quite a large margin over the other candidates. This is important in many ways, but currently the most talked about issue is that the victors…


Corbyn’s new Minister for Mental Health position is a step forward for students

When Jeremy Corbyn, the newly-elected leader of the Labour party, announced the first few major position in the new Shadow Cabinet, the dominance of balding white men set a lot of people to worrying that Corbyn’s revolutionary politics would prove to be all bark and no bite. These fears were largely allayed in the full…


UKIP win most seats in European Elections

The UK Independence Party (UKIP) has emerged with more seats than any other UK party in the European elections, both in Eastern England and across the country. Labour have come second, the Conservatives have come third and the Liberal Democrats have come fifth behind the Green Party. Eastern England, the electoral region containing Norwich, voted…

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