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Landlords need to give students some breathing room

A recent Concrete article, ‘You signed the contract, pay the rent’, made the argument that students should be required to pay their rent no matter what, even though we’re under lockdown. The writer claimed students should have budgeted for this and implied that students who couldn’t afford rent with their maintenance loan were poorly prepared….


Scarlet Francis on the exploitation of students by landlords

As an UEA student, the notion of landlords ripping off students seems to be an epidemic – but is this actually true? I distributed a survey via social media, imploring students to answer questions based on their own experiences with landlords. Amongst the anonymous respondents, 74 percent stated that they felt landlords were taking advantage…


Queens Speech confirms abolition of tenant lettings fees

It was confirmed in the Queen’s Speech that the new minority Conservative government will ensure that “unfair” tenant fees are banned. A new Tenants’ Fees Bill was announced, which will stop tenants having to pay money to lettings agents. It is thought the bill will pass easily, given all main parties mentioned banning the fees…

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