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Student’s confidential data sent to hundreds of peers in UEA leak

A UEA lecturer has accidently sent private data about a student’s failed master’s dissertation to hundreds of students. The email, which was sent to all Environmental Sciences students (ENV), was addressed to the master’s student and included extensive and detailed feedback on the student’s dissertation.  The lecturer emailed close to half an hour later asking…


Trouble in paradise?

The Paradise Papers release is a treasure trove of leaked documents containing information about offshore finance. The documents detail controversial investments by high-profile figures like the monarchy, politicians and celebrities. The complex system of offshore investments is often criticised as it frequently serves as a tax haven for the wealthy. Identical to the leak of…


Independent inquiry into data breach

The university has said there will be an inquiry into the erroneous emailing of students’ personal information to fellow undergraduates. Concrete were first to report that some three hundred American Studies students were mistakenly emailed information relating to extenuating circumstances. UEA’s Vice-Chancellor David Richardson said, in an email to all students, an independent inquiry will…