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UEA reduces Lecture Theatre energy use

In order to continue with efforts to make our campus more sustainable, the central heating programming in the Lecture Theatre building has been changed. Now the theatres are only heated or cooled when booked, not for 12 hours a day as was the standard previously. This is set to help the university reach its target…


Your SU: what has changed and what’s to come?

With elections closing last week, Undergraduate Officer, Jenna Chapman, took to the UEA SU blog to outline her aims for this academic year, following her commitment to providing quality, accessible and enjoyable education for students. She has stated that increasing the volume of recorded lectures, improving awareness of the hidden costs of studying, and looking…


Are lectures pointless?

“Lectures are absolutely pointless.” That’s what most of us groan the morning after the night before. But recently, the lecturers’ strikes accelerated a brilliant possibility: recorded lectures we can watch when we want, in our own beds, and without getting up. Of course, we could sit down when they release the recording… or we could…


UEA students stage walkout for international solidarity

Tuesday 17th November saw students walk out of university classes to show support for international students and migrants during the Day of Solidarity. A spokesperson for the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts said: “The day, called under the banner ‘International Students’ Campaign Day of Solidarity’ aims to encourage all students to stand in solidarity…

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Review – Sonocent Audio Notetaker

The gathering up of research information is often a daunting time-consuming task for students; one that seemingly never simplifies, nor accelerates. Undergraduates prone to leaving secondary sourcing to the final hours before an essay hand-up, postgraduates with figurative years of archive fever to process into something cohesive-note-taking and its writing up are battles which never…

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UEA is leading a technology revolution

The fact that UEA has announced it may use livestreams for lectures in the future is a very exciting prospect. Soon people from all around the world will be able to learn from experts at UEA without actually having to be on the Norwich campus. Our front page exclusive highlights that UEA is currently at…

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