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A return to gaming

For as long as I can remember, the best days of my childhood were my summers.  Filled with days off school, the lush green grass and walks by the beach, there was always something beautiful about the season. However, more than the beauty in full growth around me, summer held great memories because I knew…


Politics in Gaming

With its first episode taking place two weeks after the 2016 presidential elections, its Trump references, and graphic representation of police brutality toward Latinos, Life is Strange 2 is one of the latest games to spark contentious debate about the role of politics in gaming. Surely, it will not be the last. With the release…


Life is Strange 2

An overturned police car burns in the street beside the bodies of a policeman, a teenage boy, and the victim of a disturbing public shooting. In a peaceful suburb in Oregon disaster strikes, leaving two young brothers on the run when they’re accounted for a tragedy that baffles and frights the public during an age…