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Darkness, warmth, then glittering cold and harsh lights. The sounds of a world unmuffled by water and flesh. A sharp hand descends on your buttock and you choke on fluid and air and the first piercing scream of your tiny life. Gently cradling hands and harsh latex gloves deliver you into the world, out of…

Creative Writing


“I am the roots that grew where sari hems met England’s paved streets, Probing deeper, deeper for life, hope and, one day, belonging. I am the roots massaged with coconut oil and haldi paste by mother’s tired hands, Easing a mind knotted with sleepless nights and jobless days. I am fellow roots from distant lands…


The Great Rise of ‘Studytube’

The back to uni rush is coming to an end, marking the start of a new academic year, and the most popular time of year for the new YouTube phenomenon which has been dubbed ‘StudyTube’.  In the same way that there are online communities for fans of make-up, games, and books, a community has sprung…

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Life-changing books: Tin Man by Sarah Winman

This book had a significant influence on me, because of its dizzying, tender outlook on life and relationships, wrapped up in poetic prose. The novel is an unbearably human exploration of friends and lovers Ellis, Michael, and Annie as they navigate their messy lives, growing together and apart through the years. Tin Man is important…


The philosophy of… Fleabag and Killing Eve

Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s presentation of feminism is sensational, both Fleabag and Killing Eve are sophisticated works of art. They’re funny, emotional and moving. But they also dissolve stigma around sexual liberation. The presentation of female sexuality and agency in both Killing Eve and Fleabag is a welcome breath of fresh air. Debunking myths surrounding sexuality and…

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