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Religion and Spirituality

When approaching this article, I didn’t entirely know where to start. The role of religion in my own life is a strange one, as I suppose I sit on the fence with it. I wouldn’t say I’m an atheist, but I also wouldn’t say I’m religious. It’s equally not something I think about or consider…

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Out of the clubbing club

Entry costs £5. Cloakroom costs £2. Each beer costs £5 plus, along with the cost of the hangover the next day. All for what? Listening to music I wouldn’t normally listen to, surrounded by people I wouldn’t normally have invited. While I miss the atmosphere of the club scene, what I missed afterwards was my…

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The Age of Wild Swimming

Wild swimming has been growing as a movement over the last few years, but the Covid-19 pandemic has brought about a noticeable spike in its popularity. What is it about swimming in nature that makes it so timely? The initial shock of the cold water takes my breath away, regardless of how much I’d anticipated…


How to be miserable in lockdown

Lockdown 2, while less alien than the first, is still a wonderful opportunity to descend into misery and despair. It’s easier than you might think, so easy that you might be doing it already. If you’re serious about getting miserable, the first thing to consider is your sleep schedule. You should endeavour to wake up…


Why comfort food is so comforting

The phrase ‘comfort food’ immediately brings to mind feelings, memories and tastes. Whether it’s your mum’s shepherd’s pie on a cold day, chocolate when you’re feeling sad, or chicken soup when you’re ill, we all have those foods that bring us comfort. For me, it’s a roast dinner on a Sunday, a veggie lasagne, or…


Bar(su) removes Coca Cola from taps

Numerous students have voiced concerns over the SU bar removing Coca-Cola as a draught mixer. A representative for the bar has responded to numerous complaints on the student-run ‘Concrete Confessions Between UEA Seshions’ page, stating that the beverage will still be sold in bottled form. The majority of the complaints were from individuals that experience…


Can physical activity help tackle osteoporosis?

Researchers at UEA are exploring the link between leading a sedentary lifestyle and developing osteoporosis. Researchers at the Norwich Medical School will be looking at whether the loss of bone density is directly related to extended periods of sitting, and whether encouraging less sedentary behaviour could improve bone health as we age. The study is…


Is veganism the way to save our planet?

The increase in popularity of Veganuary has led to the question, what steps do we need to take to help save the environment? Megan L-Moran, a student who has recently become vegetarian, commented that ‘It is quite astonishing how the meat industry contributes so much to greenhouse gas emissions and how much land it uses….


Fad diets: harmful or harmless fun?

So, as I’m writing this, the new year is fast approaching, and everyone is walking around in a bleary eyed, cheese filled daze as we all try and work out where on earth 2018 has gone and what on earth we’ve all achieved in the past 364 days or so. One of the easiest points…

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