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The best bookshops of Norwich

Norwich (a certified UNESCO City of Literature) is full to the brim with bookshops, so if you’re feeling overwhelmed on where to get your literary fix, here’s a handy guide. My personal favourite Norwich bookshop is City Bookshop on Davey Street, as it contains an abundance of bargains. Most of their brand-new classics will only…


Is poetry inaccessible?

I think that poetry is the freest form of writing of them all. It doesn’t have to be bound by rules and it doesn’t have to do anything but what the writer wants it to. Alongside this, poetry can also be entirely up to interpretation, with the meaning set by the reader. For me, that…

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Rediscovered literature gems

Every once in a while, there are those books that become favourites amongst Instagram users. It was the case with Sally Rooney’s 2018 bestseller Normal People. Everyone’s feeds were awash with flat-lays in which the novel’s cover, with its distinctive illustration of two lovers entwined in a sardine can, featured. Also in 2018 was Dolly…

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