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What do you miss most about live music?

For this issue, we asked three of Venue’s writers what they miss most about live music. Enjoy! There’s nothing that can make you feel more alive than the incredible atmosphere of live music. Of course, there’s the building excitement as you queue outside the venue, waiting to buy a t-shirt of your favourite band’s logo….


Poorboys Promotions: living a loud life

We talk a lot about Norwich’s music scene here at Venue. From big to small, LCR to Gringos, it’s safe to say we’re a lucky lot. Yet there’s a small, but very important, group of people who constantly work away behind the scenes to make these venues fill with sound. Often getting overlooked, promotion companies…


Rising ticket costs killing the live music industry

Yesterday morning Ed Sheeran released pre-sale tickets for his long-awaited tour marking his return to music after a ‘gap year’. Whilst it’s not a shock that tickets sold out almost instantly, it is shocking to many that a standing ticket to one of Ed’s shows would set you back £77. Now you could argue that Ed…

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Gig Review – Basement

The Alternative Rock quintet Basement are back with their third full length album Promise Everything after a long wait, following their announcement of an indefinite hiatus back in 2012, just before their previous release Colourmeinkindness which was a huge success and attained critical acclaim. It has been just under two years since the grunge revivalists…

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