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Livewire’s Jailbreak to coincide with ‘Brexit Day’

Livewire’s Jailbreak 2019 will coincide with ‘Brexit Day’ when the UK formally leave the EU to begin a transition period. Events on the 29 March, otherwise known as ‘Brexit Day’, could cause Jailbreak to come to a halt as it is currently unclear as to whether the students will be allowed to travel to Europe….


UEA Media Collective’s PLATFORMER

The first episode of PLATFORMER, a new online show on video games, was released this Halloween on UEA:TV. It brings the start of a monthly Let’s Play series with host James Penny, well-known for ‘The Penny Arcade’, his gaming-music podcast on Livewire, and UEA:TV Editor and Cameraman Alex Viney. Each week, James will have a…

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