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Not everyone should have to go to uni

University is not for everyone. As a society we seem to be putting pressure on numbers, trying to increase the percentage of young people that transition into higher education, which encourages universities to set ridiculous intake targets year on year. Learning in an intense academic institution isn’t something that everyone can do, or wants to…

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What have UEA staff claimed on expenses?

An investigation lead by Concrete can reveal the extent of the UEA Executive Team’s expenses for the academic year of 2017-2018. Following a Freedom of Information request sent over the summer, Concrete can exclusively reveal, through access to almost 600 pages of documentation, the way in which the eight members of UEA’s senior management staff…


SLC under investigation

The Treasury Committee is to investigate the student loan system and the financial implications of tuition fees, joining two other committees also looking into higher education finances. Lead by Nicky Morgan MP, the probe will examine the repayment threshold and interest rates as students face rates of 6.1 percent. It will additionally assess the impact of…


Majority of postgraduate students “ineligible for loans”

The majority of postgraduates will be unable to get a postgraduate loan according to alternative finance provider, Student Funders. The organisation’s chief executive, Juan Guerra, announced in a conference that around two-thirds of students would miss out on the new postgraduate loans scheme due to be introduced in 2016-17. The scheme was announced by the…

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