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The Highs and Lows of Lockdown Hobbies

Hello September. As we head into the Autumn semester, the first lockdown seems like a distant memory now. What isn’t a distant memory, however, are the ridiculous number of new hobbies I tried throughout the last year and a half. I think we’d all love to say we used our time in lockdown productively and…


Lockdown changed the way I wear makeup

I started wearing makeup to school when I was 14. I’d wake up super early, sneak into my parent’s bedroom and steal my mom’s foundation and BB cream (neither of which were my colour, by the way). This became a ritual. Only interrupted by my mother slowly realising her makeup supplies were dwindling in volume…


Radio saved me during lockdown

The pandemic has helped loneliness mutate into a pandemic of its own. Isolating has become a normalised part of our lives, especially with the aftermath of the dreaded ping looming around all of us. We have become used to not seeing those we care about. Many have grown used to the loneliness that isolating brings….

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Coronavirus Breaking News: Sydney re-enters lockdown

Areas of Australia have been placed back into lockdown after a surge in the number of cases in parts of the country. 110 new cases have emerged in Sydney’s Bondi neighborhood, leading to a total of 128 cases within the country and resulting in new coronavirus rules being implemented across New South Wales.   Eastern suburban schools have also been caught in this outbreak, where 4 children…


Coronavirus update 12/04

The AstraZeneca vaccine remains under investigation for its potential role in blood clots observed among recipients of the jabs. Its use has been restricted in countries such as France, Germany and Canada, despite the World Health Organisation (WHO) and European Medicines Agency (EMA) saying its benefits outweighed the possible negatives. Scientists remain divided on the…


Post-Lockdown Anxiety: It’s real

This month officially marks one year since the UK Government announced the first national lockdown to prevent the spread of Covid-19. As of today, the country has seen three full lockdowns, and has had to cope with ever-changing restrictions throughout the year. Last month, the Government published a road-map to the release of all restrictions…

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