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Outpost presents: ‘Uninhabited’- Eleanor Rodwell

Lockdown changed the concept of home radically for everybody. In some ways it might never be the same. The relationships between our bodies, our lives, and each other were all shifted into another paradigm. Amid these changes, Norwich-based artist Eleanor Rodwell was working on her recent project Uninhabited which featured in residence at Outpost Studios…


Theatre’s Intermission is Over

I describe myself as a theatre kid without the talent that most theatre kids possess. I adore everything about a trip to the theatre, I nearly exclusively listen to show tunes, and I collect all my theatre trip programmes. If I had a lick of talent, I would have been the most unbearable kid growing…


The Highs and Lows of Lockdown Hobbies

Hello September. As we head into the Autumn semester, the first lockdown seems like a distant memory now. What isn’t a distant memory, however, are the ridiculous number of new hobbies I tried throughout the last year and a half. I think we’d all love to say we used our time in lockdown productively and…


Lockdown changed the way I wear makeup

I started wearing makeup to school when I was 14. I’d wake up super early, sneak into my parent’s bedroom and steal my mom’s foundation and BB cream (neither of which were my colour, by the way). This became a ritual. Only interrupted by my mother slowly realising her makeup supplies were dwindling in volume…


Radio saved me during lockdown

The pandemic has helped loneliness mutate into a pandemic of its own. Isolating has become a normalised part of our lives, especially with the aftermath of the dreaded ping looming around all of us. We have become used to not seeing those we care about. Many have grown used to the loneliness that isolating brings….

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