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Creative Writing

I’m Yours

i think i’m falling in love I’m canot drowning in an abyss but ascending into heaven, waiting by cupid’s gate closed an instant – waiting for love to come greet it. it feels like a dream, falling in love with you thinking i don’t deserve it – fate hidden in the crevice of my ear…

Creative Writing


do i greet you with a yellow blue or pink kiss? soft arms and warm embraces, you taste like home. dirty blonde hair half toned with no great success (it’s the thought that counts) blue eyes melting with specks of gold, your snug gaze planting a kiss on my happiness. Follow Concrete on Instagram to…

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Make your hair an afro

I read the note passed to me as I sit in my year nine French class. I’m the only girl of African descent in a sea of white. I am hyper-aware the instruction is meant for me.  I read the note again and glance up to see if anyone’s looking at me. They are. All…

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