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UEbaes: Campus Love Stories (2) 

We met through a Norfolk Terrace confessions page. You read about “blue haired clown girl,” an unhinged individual who walked around campus in colourful costumes and, naturally, you thought “I want to be friends with this weirdo.” So you dropped me a DM. Now, we trade insults over who is the biggest loser (it’s clearly…

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Queer Representation on Modern TV: A Deep Dive

It’s clear to anyone that we’re in a seemingly ‘Golden Age’ of Queer Television. Contrasted to 20 or 30 years in the past, where representation was sparse or villainised, we have a somewhat fair number of queer characters we can turn to in order to see ourselves represented. But it still isn’t enough. I discussed…

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Something Worth Sticking To

Between a parent and a child, the common denominator is love. But is love a skill we have naturally? Do our parents instinctively know how to love us? Or were they taught? I think the answer is both. Love is a natural phenomenon. Every person is capable of loving something or someone. But just because…


YA Love Stories

Traditionally, Young Adult fiction has been viewed as a more superficial genre. One where the same tired tropes are paraded around in different clothes, all trying to convince the reader they’ll be different from the array of books sat next to them. However, their greatest success comes in their representation of LGBTQ+ sexualities and gender…

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A song comes on that perhaps, he used to play And dragging on a meagre joint, rolled expertly as he lies naked in bed He tries to sing once again Cracked and strained he can’t give up, the notes Linger in the smokey air The stale smell of disappointment, despair Leaning over, he ashes into…


What to watch this Valentines

Films about love are in abundance, so when it comes around to Valentine’s day, it can be hard to pick which is best to watch!  Let’s look at the options.  The classics:  Films like ‘The Notebook’, ‘Love, Rosie’ and ‘Letters to Juliet’ fit into the more classic type of romance story. You are guaranteed to…

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