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thank u next: Ariana’s all grown up

Ariana Grande’s fifth studio album thank u, next was released on 8 February this year, just in time for Valentine’s Day. But some of her upbeat songs have sad undertones: tracks like ghostin’, imagine, in my head, bloodline and fake smile all share the realities of post-breakup anxiety and the thoughts about a future that…


Review: I would like to get know you

With just two performers, a guitar and a bit of multimedia thrown into the mix, this keenly observed show explores dating, relationships and love in the contemporary world. It’s apparent that the days of courting – at least in the traditional sense – are long gone. Setting the tone of the play rather aptly is…

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Misheard Lyrics

Powerful and memorable in the best of times, often painfully misheard in the worst of times. Here are some hilarious and rare cock ups I’ve compiled, so you’ll no longer be the laughing stock of your karaoke club. Eric Carmen’s ‘All By Myself’: “Don’t want to be Obama’s elf ” Obvious from the title, some…