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Hollywood’s ageless sex

It is fair to say that at some point in their lives, 99 percent of people will struggle with their perception of themselves and their bodies, particularly during a time when it is changing, such as adolescence. Our media is obsessed with looks, there are constant lists being created with titles like ‘Hollywood’s Best Bums’…


Pornography: art or not?

Pornography: it’s a presentation of sex most people will have come across at some point. The question is how this presentation differs from the wide array of sexual material found in popular culture – in particular, film. When films like Blue Is the Warmest Colour depict sex scenes that wouldn’t look out of place on…

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UEA Artists Present: Zines

Whenever I get into a discussion about print culture, I always have to bite my tongue to stop myself saying “well, since the invention of the printing press in the fifteenth century…” and enter into a lengthy description of the role the printing press and its part in the reformation. Then, I realise that what…