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What makes a successful make-up collaboration?

Make-up collaborations can be hit or miss. Whilst they can certainly be appealing when they involve two things you love coming together, are they always really worth the price tag?  Let us take, for example, a look at the recent collaboration between Colourpop and Nintendo’s Animal Crossing. The collaborative element involves having the characters in…


Nude lipsticks for all skin tones

Finding that perfect nude can be difficult. Nude doesn’t just mean pale pink, there is a huge spectrum of colours to be considered as a nude lipstick. Here are some brands that have considered and represent deeper skin tones to help you find the perfect natural shade. NYX Cosmetics £7 NYX is a cruelty-free drugstore…


Glitter: the best ways to wear it

The very title of this article is misleading, I feel; glitter does not work with certain looks – it works with ANYTHING. Aside from being depressingly wet and dark until a frankly ludicrous time in the late morning nowadays, ’tis also the season for glittery shoes, sleek sparkly dress numbers and multi-coloured shiny eyelashes. Just…

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Rihanna’s Fenty line is changing makeup

When Rihanna says something’s good, it’s good. We trust her with our Saturday night playlist and now she offers more than music. With Fenty Beauty, Rihanna fixed the beauty industry – seemingly overnight. Releasing 40 different shades of face makeup, Rihanna gave consumers what we wanted and reminded big brands that exclusion is no longer acceptable…


50 Shades of Orange

Foundation is a staple product for millions of people worldwide, so it’s rather bizarre that with the many different skin tones in the world, brands aren’t reflecting this in their foundation shades. Walking through the aisles of Boots it’s disheartening to see 50 shades of orange… and pretty much nothing else. But it’s not all…

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how cruelty free is your make-up?

I repeatedly tell myself that trying to buy cruelty-free beauty products is too hard and too expensive, and that I just don’t have the time to spend searching for hours on end trying to find make-up that won’t threaten my morals as an animal lover. However, it’s time for us all to stop making these…

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Halloween make-up

So Halloween is finally approaching and I honestly cannot wait. It’s hard to think of a holiday that tops this one; a time of year when looking like death is not only socially acceptable, but actually something everyone is trying to achieve. Those under-eye bags that you spend hours trying to conceal before attending a…

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Overdraft make-up tips

I’m going to start at the ‘end of term’ end of this spectrum as I am definitely feeling the strain on that trusty overdraft. First things first, minimal equals cheap. Summer is all about subtle ‘I’m really wearing make-up but you can’t tell, I’m just naturally glowing’ so double up some of your products. Concealer…

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