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Concrete meets UEA Basketball

Growing up, two sports touched my soul and helped me figure out the kind of person I wanted to be. The first of which was tennis, which I played for seven years. The other was basketball, which changed my life in only two years. These two sports are still a huge part of my life,…


Sex sells: the modern music video

Music videos are, at heart, a marketing exercise. Labels don’t throw thousands of pounds at a band to make art, they do it to promote the music and try to sell it. There are four historical ways to market any product: humour, showcasing, controversy and sex. This Is America is a great example of a…


Birth of the male contraceptive jab

When considering birth control options, the responsibility is usually on the female to take control of contraception, leaving men with one option – condoms. Recent clinical trials may beckon a new era in which men and women take equal responsibility of birth control. The study involved 350 men who were given injections of hormones to…


University gender gap remains at record high

Female school leavers in England are 36% more likely to apply to university courses than their male counterparts. Data published by Ucas indicates that the gap, the same as last year, remains the highest on record. Results also show that English applicant levels as a whole decreased by 1%, which is lower than expected given…

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A Rey of Light

The New Year has descended upon us, and so I feel it is now acceptable to talk about the new Star Wars film in a bit more detail without being hunted down by Star Wars die-hard fans in fear of spoilers. While many have gone crazy for the return of Han Solo and Princess Leia,…

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Pay gap: female graduates earn £8,000 less

A report published by the Equality and Human Rights Commission at the end of December last year has found that on average, women graduates earn £8,000 pounds less than their male counterparts. These findings highlight the scale of the task still to be achieved over women’s equality in the workplace, even after 45 years since…

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