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Veganism would have stopped coronavirus

During this pandemic, people are feeling powerless to help. We are told of huge strains that have impacted our NHS, community wellbeing is suffering, local businesses are falling, and it seems like there is very little that we as individuals can do to diminish these issues. You may rise up and fight back by clapping…


Is veganism the way to save our planet?

The increase in popularity of Veganuary has led to the question, what steps do we need to take to help save the environment? Megan L-Moran, a student who has recently become vegetarian, commented that ‘It is quite astonishing how the meat industry contributes so much to greenhouse gas emissions and how much land it uses….


Kerry McCarthy: a force for change or out of touch with rural industry?

There was a disgruntled murmuring when Kerry McCarthy was appointed Shadow Minister for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. All because she’s a self-proclaimed militant vegan. Conservative MPs argued that she cannot do the job with a seemingly contradictory view to the health of the British farming industry, a large part of which is animal…