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Refugees in Crisis

Donald Trump managed to draw attention towards the refugee crisis last week during a rally in Florida, when he seemingly mentioned a non-existent Swedish terrorist attack, later defending the comment as a reference to a Fox News report on violence supposedly caused by refugees in Sweden. Despite the questionable nature of these claims, it does…


Norwich shows solidarity with migrants

In the wake of an arson attack on The Village Store, a Romanian-owned shop on Magdalen Street, Norwich came together to show ‘Solidarity with Migrants’ at a protest on Tuesday evening. Organised by Rebecca Tamás, a Hungarian-British PhD student at UEA said, “I hope these events are encouraging people to look at their city, to…


Home Office admits hiring students to process asylum applications

The Home Office has recruited gap year students and given them the task of determining who should be offered asylum in the UK. After five weeks of training students are expected to interview asylum seekers and determine their fate, causing outrage from immigration lawyers. Following an investigation by the Observer, the Home Office has confirmed…

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