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It’s okay to miss a game

Exercise has often been praised as a way of helping to cope with mental illness. And while exercise can reduce stress by releasing endorphins, when taken to a professional level, pursuing sports can become the subject of much anxiety. The charity Mind has stated that there can be a number of factors which induce the…

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Out of Time

‘Time is running out of time’ and I’m not happy with myself ‘Time is running out of time’ in the absence of mother’s help ‘Time is running out of time’ and I’m not virtuous nor keen ‘Time is running out of time’ in this era of antiquity we are out of halos and horns and…

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I stand on a tear stained street Caught inside an endless commute. I pour my fingers into the eyes of strangers In search of you. Off beat, intrinsic jazz shakes my body Our hands make love Ejected, rejected Thoughts exit my mind. I am in a muddling mind maze, These thoughts were only ever meant…

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I can’t eat my soup. I told mum that I wouldn’t eat it, but she heats it up for me anyway. ‘Just in case’, she says. Just in case. I watch her hook her finger under the metal latch and begin to peel the lid off. I watch it hesitate, and bend over in a…


Students to get lost for charity

Ever wanted to be dropped into the middle of nowhere with nothing but a compass and a map? Have you not at one time or another considered going back to nature like early man (except armed with a waterproof jacket and enough energy drink to fuel a small army), braving the elements and seeking fame…


Charity spotlight: Mind

What is Mind? Mind is the UK’s leading independent health charity. According to Mind, one in four people in Britain experience mental health problems at some point in their lives. The charity aims to improve upon the existing mental health services available in the country through methods such as collaboration with national and local government,…

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