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Venue reviews: Ocean’s 8

The Ego has landed. In places, Ocean’s 8 meshes more with the likes of Dior and I and Yves Saint Laurent than with Soderbergh’s rebooted heist trilogy. Under the direction of The Hunger Games’ Gary Ross, Eigil Bryld’s camera glides seductively across spangling dress reveals and clinking champagne glasses with an opulence to rival Panem’s Capitol. But the choreographed con job…

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Review: Inside Out

Pixar has understood emotions since the very beginning. From Toy Story and beyond, the studio’s characteristically bitter-sweet sensibility has inspired audiences to laugh, cry, imagine and reflect, but with its 15th feature, Pixar’s emotional process has become significantly more literal. Inside Out is a mirror for Pixar’s creative practice and how it fosters emotion and…