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Mental Health in Gaming

This month we saw World Mental Health Day where communities around the world came together to raise awareness of mental health and how we can take care of ourselves and others. In addition to this, hopefully by now you have seen Concrete’s own Mental Health Crisis Campaign which hopes to open up a dialogue between…


Researchers have found a way to lengthen your phone battery

Research at UEA has found a possible solution to short mobile battery life, overheating handsets and expensive contracts. Dr Alexander Romanov and Professor Manfred Bochmann have identified molecules found in gold that increase efficiency in mobile phone screens. The traditionally used iridium produces extra heat, however properties in gold allow for the energy to be…


Recently Played: NBA 2K Mobile

After deciding not to touch my laptop for about a week when going to visit a friend in Sheffield, I was left with my mobile phone being the closest thing I had to a gaming console. Upon logging into the App Store, I discovered a recently updated version of NBA 2K Mobile which I immediately…


Social Media Switch Off

De Montfort University in Leicester, in an attempt to encourage students to carry out a digital detox, switched off all social media for a few days. The main purpose of this is to promote student wellbeing by highlighting the detrimental effects that social media can potentially have on one’s mental health. In the digital age…

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Gaming on the go

Although Gameboy devices have been around for many years, gaming on the go seems to be at an all-time-high right now. With modernity dragging with it the latest smartphones and super-light super-powerful handheld consoles, the time is right for gaming while travelling. We no longer have to bring our PS4s to the airport to enjoy…

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