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Meghan Markle is saving the sinking monarchy

The monarchy is an outdated, irrelevant institution in the fast-moving modern era. At least that’s what some people would have you believe. It’s an argument gaining more traction as we move ever closer to the next generation of royals. People used to hear ‘the monarchy’ and think of the Queen, dressed up to the nines…


“Charles’ history is cause for concern”

We can all agree the monarchy is a iconic British symbol recognised across the world. The Queen is 92, and her portrait features on all our coins and all our stamps. But is it time for a change? The possibility of having Prince Charles as our next monarch is a conundrum. His political campaigns and…


Trouble in paradise?

The Paradise Papers release is a treasure trove of leaked documents containing information about offshore finance. The documents detail controversial investments by high-profile figures like the monarchy, politicians and celebrities. The complex system of offshore investments is often criticised as it frequently serves as a tax haven for the wealthy. Identical to the leak of…