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“Music is overlooked more than it should be”: Lucas Fox on the importance of music, and why Lockdown didn’t stop him from being creative

In the age of COVID, when everything is online, someone always must have technical difficulties. This person was me, and no more was this apparent than when I tried to video call Lucas Fox, independent musician and first year UEA student, on Zoom for an interview. Owing most of it to my technical incompetence, and…

Sex Survey 2019

Demystifying dental dam

‘With a dental dam you can pretty much lick anything’ So if like me you’d never heard of a dental dam, you may be wondering what on Earth they are and who in their right mind uses them. Well those who are familiar will know that a dental dam is a square piece of stretchy…


How to OpenUp

A new app is available to students and staff at UEA from 17 September 2018 and its developers are encouraging people to utilise their app to help manage and maintain their wellbeing. In anticipation of the app’s arrival, Concrete went to find out what it’s all about. To start the app can be easily downloaded…

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Looking Good & Feeling Good

Is putting on good workout clothes seriously going to make you exercise better? Probably. It is seems unlikely that the outfits we choose ourselves every morning and before every single event aren’t going to have an effect on our frame of mind. We get up every morning and pick something out for that day, (or…

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