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The moon’s wet: now what?

In October 2020, NASA’s SOFIA aircraft, with the assistance of an infrared camera, discovered water on the light side of the moon. While there has been evidence of ice in the moon’s craters, this discovery of water on parts of the surface that aren’t shadowed and below freezing marks an interesting turn for the future…


Once in a blue moon…

In the early hours of April 8, 2020, you may have noticed a larger and brighter full moon than usual; this is due to an astronomical phenomenon known as the supermoon. You may have heard it named the pink-supermoon, however, this is not due to its colour. In fact, the full moon in April is…


Lunar New Year across Asia

As an Indonesian of Chinese descent, Lunar New Year is a celebrated holiday close to my heart. Red pockets, lots of cakes, traditional meals, family gatherings and paying respect to deceased family members are among several of the many things we do during this festive occasion. Lunar New Year itself simply refers to the beginning…


Saturn moon storm

Titan, the largest of Saturn’s 60 moons, is a glacial, -180°C rock orbiting 1.4 billion km from Earth, where methane replaces water in its lakes and rivers. NASA’s Cassini spacecraft took almost seven years to reach it, and after its 13 year mission was decommissioned in 2017. Computer models using from this spacecraft have given…


Saturn moon could sustain life

Saturn may officially be the best planet to search for life beyond Earth after NASA’s Cassini spacecraft discovered hot fluid vents on the Enceladean seafloor. Clouds of gas have erupted from Enceladus containing hydrogen, which has excited scientists as there are similar hydrothermal chemical reactions that occur at the ocean bottoms of the Earth. Hydrothermal…

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