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UEA introduces initiative to tell parents about students’ mental health issues

The vice-chancellor’s mental health taskforce has announced during next semester students will be able to opt in to an initiative allowing UEA to inform a third party, such as a parent or guardian, about significant concerns over a student’s wellbeing.  The taskforce is also introducing 15 other projects to support what the head of student services…


Brexit Box Special: Parliament’s ‘meaningful vote’

Theresa May’s draft EU Withdrawal Agreement was rejected by MPs by a margin of 230 votes. With only 202 MPs voting in favour of the deal, this was the largest Parliamentary defeat for a serving government in UK history. 118 backbench Conservative MPs rebelled and voted to reject the deal. The deal was originally scheduled…


Norwich MPs’ expenses revealed

The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) have published figures on Norfolk MP’s expenses for the year of 2015-2016 as part the annual procedure formulated following the MP expenses scandal of 2009. The figures reported cover accommodation, travel, staffing and office costs, with Conservative MP for South Norfolk Richard Bacon coming in highest with yearly expenses…