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Queer lives: A new view of the British Museum

The LGBTQ Histories Trail at the British Museum offers a unique insight into an often-overlooked part of our cultural past and present. Mapping a path through the expansive ‘Desire, Love and Identity’ collection, this carefully curated trail invites participants to explore representations of queer love and identity. Moreover, the trail challenges viewers to consider how…


Viking exhibition at the Norwich Castle Museum

In the eighth and ninth centuries, the area of East Anglia was particularly vulnerable to invasion from Vikings sailing across the North Sea. With fertile land conveniently located facing the southern part of Scandinavia, the invasion of East Anglia and Northumbria (what is now northern England and south-eastern Scotland) by the Great Heathen Army in…


Rewriting Art History with Michelle Hartney

Contextualising the works of chauvinistic artists Picasso and Gaugin, amongst others, Michelle Hartney’s project Separate the Art From the Artist uses the activist writings of Hannah Gadsby and Roxanne Gay to highlight the artists’ misogyny. Hartney contextualises seminal works of Gaugin, Picasso and Balthus, and repositions them in the contexts of the abuse, misogyny and…


Armistice: Legacy of the Great War in Norfolk

Early in the morning of October 19 I walked into the exhibition Armistice: Legacy of the Great War in Norfolk at the Norwich Castle Museum, amid the bustle of workers completing the final touches. Artefacts were being encased in glass, paintings hung on walls, protective sheets taken off huge trade-union banners to reveal their preserved…


UEA partnership Norwich museums

An exciting new partnership between UEA and the Norwich Museums Service (NMS) was announced on Friday 21st September, formalising the already existing relationship between both organisations. The announcement came at an event for 200 international students at the Keep in Norwich Castle. “We felt it was a fitting occasion to announce this partnership as welcoming…

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