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Favourite song covers

‘The Star Spangled Banner’ by Jimi Hendrix Nothing captures the dying spirit of America quite like Jimi Hendrix’s cover of “The Star-Spangled Banner.” Introduced at Woodstock as the “song that we was all brainwashed with,” it is as much of a protest statement now as it was in 1969. Hendrix described it as “representing the…

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Preview: Wild Fields, Norfolk’s first socially distanced festival

This weekend, the Norfolk Showground will be hosting Wild Fields, this year’s incarnation of 2019’s Wild Paths. It’s described as the region’s first ‘socially distanced’ festival, with help from Summertime Social, the Showground, and Norwich City Council to ensure safety. Guests are assigned a 3m by 3m ‘pod’ for the festival which can contain a…

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