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Monster Sanctuary: an indie RPG-platformer which leaves the platforming as an afterthought

Exploring a colourful world and collecting similarly colourful monsters is a pass time most of this section’s readers are familiar with, I’m sure. But I doubt you’ve ever done it like this. In Moi Rai Games’ ‘Monster Sanctuary’, the RPG subgenre of monster collecting is combined with classic platform exploration akin to Metroid. The game…

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More than just a concept

The term ‘concept album’ is a very broad one, so broad in fact that if you went to extremes you could probably argue any album as being one. Woody Guthrie’s ‘Dust Bowl Ballads’ from 1940 is probably the oldest example of a group of tracks linked by concept, in this case, the Dust Bowl. Surprisingly,…

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Music Mavericks: Mark E Smith

Few musicians have been as enigmatic and irascible as the late Mark E Smith. As leader of post-punk renegades ‘The Fall’, for 40 years, Smith took a new approach to being a frontman. He showed that there was no need for singing, when you could just mumble passages of prose and not lyrics. Just like…

Deputy Editors' Column

Another feather to my bow

This week is the first time I have produced Concrete’s award Winning radio show, ‘A Week in Concrete’ by myself. It’s safe to say that it all went to plan, there were no major hiccups. I found it very exciting. We talked about all things venue this week, I had Venue Deputy Editor Amelia Rentell…

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