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Coming out in Love, Simon

LGBT+ cinema is evolving and growing in prominence. In recent years it has emerged as a genre in and of itself, a development that has paved the way for more diverse and different stories to be shown on screen. Enter, Love, Simon, the teen, coming of age story that first captured the hearts of many…


Book review: Pachinko by Min Jin Lee

‘History has failed us, but no matter.’ Min Jin Lee’s opening line epitomises the essence of Pachinko (2017), a novel that brings awareness to an untold past with a poignant yet optimistic tone. Pachinko tells the story of a Korean family living in Japan throughout the 20th century. Themes of personal identity, place and culture…


Ludonarrative: dissonance and harmony

Narrative hasn’t always been a core concern for video game developers. Even today, the majority of games don’t have dedicated writers. Ludology has always been the main focus, perhaps even rightly so. Video games are designed to provide players with systems and mechanics they have to learn in order to progress. The player is given…