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BROCKHAMPTON: the same again

The genre-defying, Honda-swerving, harbingers of musical mayhem have returned, with more explosive aggression, soulful introspection and turn-up slappers. Despite a larger gap between albums than fans are accustomed to, it doesn’t seem like they’ve done much to change their musical formula; instead more work has gone into perfecting their sound and vision. On previous albums…


The Front Bottoms, going grey? If only

Despite my love of The Front Bottoms, my expectations going into ‘Going Grey’ could be described as akin to waiting for a train to hit. The band have been on something of a downwards trend since their fantastic ‘Talon of the Hawk’ and ‘Going Grey’ had produced one alright and one downright dull lead single…


Move, shake and play with Marmozets

“I’ve just had a sip of a quadruple espresso with a splash of milk. And, well, headache already.” Jack Bottomley greets me with what could just a metaphor for his band, Marmozets; hyperactive, eclectic and held together with the right splash of poppy hooks. After two years in the aether the band have returned with…