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The NHS Charity Case

Over the past two years, the NHS has been facing the most unimaginable scenes possible. It therefore is not surprising that it did not take long for the effects of an under-funded system to start showing its cracks once again.  Not only were we witness to the images of NHS workers lacking the essential PPE…


Camera in a pill: the latest silver bullet?

Capsule camera endoscopy is a diagnostic technology recently introduced to the NHS in an attempt to diagnose colon and bowel cancer earlier. An alternative to a traditional endoscopy, capsule camera technology is a small camera, the size of a vitamin pill (23 mm), which a patient swallows. As the capsule travels through the body, it…


My Nursing Placement on a COVID Ward

My placement was never supposed to be on a COVID ward. However, when a second peak started to become a reality, teams in the hospital had to be re-shuffled to make preparations for the possibility of an influx of patients, and my team were called on to run the new COVID positive ward.  I was…


Coronavirus Update for norfolk and the uk

The country-wide coronavirus death toll stands at 52,745 people as of 17th November. There have been close to 1.5 million cases and 196,559 hospital admissions. Though the number of new cases daily remains high, there has been a decrease over the last few days, bringing it down to just over 20,000. The daily death toll…


NHS workers stay in empty UEA student accommodation

UEA has offered accommodation to NHS frontline officers during the on-going pandemic. After allowing students early release from their accommodation contracts, UEA has offered the empty rooms to NHS staff. There are currently 68 Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (NNUH) and Norfolk Community Health and Care NHS Trust (NCHC) staff staying in…

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