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Should the NHS be privatised?

A recent investigation has revealed over 100 NHS primary care buildings are owned by private firms registered in tax havens, bringing the long enduring question of the NHS’s proposed privatisation to the forefront once again. It is rather ironic how the NHS pays millions in rent each year to firms who barely pay any taxes,…


NHS in Norfolk encouraging smear tests

The NHS in Norfolk and Waveney are encouraging people to ‘not fear their smear’ and book their appointment.  On 14th February 2022, the Office for Health Improvement and Disparities (OHID), with the support of NHS England and NHS Improvement, launched a national cervical screening campaign.  The campaign encourages those who are eligible to book their…


The NHS Charity Case

Over the past two years, the NHS has been facing the most unimaginable scenes possible. It therefore is not surprising that it did not take long for the effects of an under-funded system to start showing its cracks once again.  Not only were we witness to the images of NHS workers lacking the essential PPE…


Camera in a pill: the latest silver bullet?

Capsule camera endoscopy is a diagnostic technology recently introduced to the NHS in an attempt to diagnose colon and bowel cancer earlier. An alternative to a traditional endoscopy, capsule camera technology is a small camera, the size of a vitamin pill (23 mm), which a patient swallows. As the capsule travels through the body, it…


My Nursing Placement on a COVID Ward

My placement was never supposed to be on a COVID ward. However, when a second peak started to become a reality, teams in the hospital had to be re-shuffled to make preparations for the possibility of an influx of patients, and my team were called on to run the new COVID positive ward.  I was…

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