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Review: Transplanting the Untransplantable

Surgeon Dr Pankaj Chandak works in a pioneering field of medicine – 3D printing for paediatric surgery. This is a technique which allows surgeons to use models of organs to visualise how they could fit into recipients’ bodies, and is especially effective in complex paediatric cases. In his talk, Dr Chandak began by giving a…


Cancer therapy wins Nobel Prize for Medicine

The 2018 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine has been awarded to two immunologists who have discovered how to fight advanced skin cancer with the body’s own immune system. Professor James P. Allison and Professor Tasuku Honjo will share the Nobel prize sum of nine million Swedish kronor (£763,866) for their discovery of immune checkpoint…


Thousands of hospital appointments missed

From January to June this year, over 30,000 hospital appointments have been missed by patients either not turning up, or showing up too late to be seen, NHS data shows. At the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital, nearly 14,000 people out of around 250,000 patients missed their appointment, meaning that the hospital shoulders the no-show bill…


Continuity of care saves lives

A recent paper published in the BMJ collated data from 22 studies and found that contact with the same doctor reduced mortality rates. Of the 22 studies, 18 found a statistically significant reduction in mortality with an increase in continuity of care (repeated contact between a patient and a particular doctor). Whilst all four studies…


Brexit Box

With the Parliamentary recess over, now is the perfect time to take stock of the Summer’s Brexit headlines (and a few stories that were easy to miss).   The big pre-recess headline was Theresa May defying expectations of a shift towards a hard Brexit, by releasing a brief from Chequers in July that would keep…


Breakthrough in Genomic Medicine as NHS turns 70

Whilst the NHS may be facing some of the greatest challenges of its 70-year existence, breakthroughs in Genomic Medicine are revolutionising its approach to individualised patient care. Genomic Medicine is, as the name suggests, medicine concerned with genes – the heredity biological units made up of our DNA. In recent years, a large focus within…


Shortfall of region’s nurses

Statistics suggest East Anglian nurses face increasingly difficult conditions, with one in ten leaving the profession every year. In the East, 3,085 left whereas only 2,933 joined, marking the first time the number of leavers was higher than the nurses joining since 2012-13. This problem is further exacerbated by the increased demand for nurses. On…

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