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The 2022 Video Game Line-up

For us video game enthusiasts 一for whom the Wi-Fi going down is as bad as the apocalypse, who rejoice in watching our friends suffer on a level we aced first try 一 2022 is gearing up to be a big year of releases. With many video games award-winners to be announced in the next month…


Do we still need to purchase consoles?

Is there any need to continue purchasing consoles? Typically, I play Xbox the old fashioned way, through my console and TV. At first I was skeptical about trying it out using Xbox Cloud Gaming, fearing that it wouldn’t be as enjoyable playing on a small screen. However, shortly after pairing my controller with my iPad…


Pokémon Announcement

It gets to a point where you have been asking for something for so long that you’re surprised when you actually get it.  Pokémon fans began begging for a remake of the popular Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl basically as soon as they came out, and every announcement from Nintendo about the series was preceded…

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The Cream of the Crop 2019-20

And there we have it, a whole year of Concrete and Venue has flown by, a whole year of fantastic articles, Post Pub-Pub, and office antics. It has been wonderful to end my university experience as part of this wonderful team and I hope many of you are encouraged to apply for editor positions when…


Dragon Quest XI S: Review

‘Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age – Definitive Edition’ has finally come to the Nintendo Switch, and it lives up to its new (and rather lengthy) title. This edition comes with a 2D mode previously seen in the Japan-only 3DS version, complete with new quests; an orchestral soundtrack option, a photo mode, and…


Explosive new content from E3

Every year the month of June sees thousands of both professionals and avid gamers flock to Los Angeles for the Electronic Entertainment Expo, also known as E3. Their mission: to catch a glimpse of upcoming releases for software and games. Rumours are abound and announcements are eagerly expected, but there are always a few wilds…


Recently Played: Stardew Valley

Over the past month, I’ve been enamoured by Stardew Valley, an indie farming simulator released initially on PC and other ports in 2016, and later on the Nintendo Switch (my console of choice) last year. Why it’s taken me so long to pick it up, I don’t know – its delightful pixel-art style and easy-going…


“Future looks bright” for TWEWY

The World Ends with You is one of those games that seems entirely married to the system it was first released on: it was designed so specifically for the DS that Square Enix’s last port attempt (to iOS in 2012) fell a bit flat. While the presentation of the story elements was mostly unaffected, since…

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